Let's Get Started!



Once you have made the decision to work with our excellent staff here at Diversified Financial Services you will need to get Pre-qualified for your loan.


Your Personal Loan Consultant will need to ask you a few questions.  This will include your residence history, employment history, social security number, and date of birth.  We will then need to pull a current credit report to start underwriting your loan.




Once you are approved your Loan Consultant will order a property appraisal. Whether you are re-financing a property or purchasing a home a current appraisal will be required.  Recent changes in the marketplace now require that appraisals are now ordered through an Appraisal Managment Company and paid for directly by the customer at time of order.  The customer will receive a call within a few days of paying for the appraisal to set up a time for the appraiser to come inspect the property.  Once completed the customer will receive a copy of the appraisal from the Appraisal Managment Company.




While we are waiting for the appraisal to come in, now is a good time to start gathering the required documentation that will be needed to submit your loan.




Upon recieving your documentation and appraisal your loan will be submitted for final underwriting.




After final underwriting your loan consultant will work with you to schedule a loan closing at your convenience. At Diversified your loan consultant will attend the closing with you.

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